Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pedalpalooza Thirteeeeeen

Raced Tabor again.  Team Slow has the best cheering section ever.

Warmed up like crazy, jumping jacks behind the starting field. The whistle blew and the ladies left me on the uphill start. Coming around the hill each lap, I started to develop a steady rhythm and a little addiction to racing.

I don't care that I came in third-to-last, I'm just happy I can do this.  Note the armband with Team Staccato Gelato colors on it, to honor Mat and his team.

After beers at Migration.  Great conversation.  Spied a guy on a wheelchair, who caught me checking his tires so he hopped off the chair, removed the wheel and handed it to me.  He said he used to race with a hand-cycler.  Maybe Mat can do that too!

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