Wednesday, July 18, 2012

STP One Day

Spaz out about boxing bike.  Struggle to get the pedals off only to find the Amtrak box is so big they can stay on.  On the train, at last.  Crossing bridges rarely seen up close.  Watching the world go by.

Seattle.  Big buildings, big crowds, bus driver instructing "bike lane's on the other side".  The swimming pool-less Marco Polo Hotel.  The Tour at charming Sully's and two beers I promised myself I wouldn't have. 

Wake up to Glenn Miller and his big band.  Microwave breakfast and fake coffee.  Throwaway dress, toss toothbrush in the trash, then two dusky miles to an unceremonious start.
Snippets from strategy spreadsheet:
Get excited, this is a big day!
Don't feel panicked or hurried.
Have fun.  This is a bike ride.
Go swimming.  Enjoy life.
Centralia.  Celebrate.  Candy.
Sing a little.  Crack some jokes.
Go faster, just for a minute.
Short, efficient rest breaks.
Butter up!
Coast for a minute.  Stand to rest.
RIP it!
Look at partner's calves.  
Look at other riders' calves.
Look at my calves.
Route 30.  Home stretch.
Pedal fast.  Breathe deep.
Finish line.  Beer.
Portland.  Warm, gritty, nicer pavement than Seattle.  A detour for free-box-finds leads to a small but peaceful collision.  Back on route, reliving the story of years past, Ryan saying "nothing can stop us now!" after every one of the twenty stoplights in the last mile to the finish line.  No police-directed intersections here like Seattle had. 

Other stats:
Zero tears, fourteen hours, two flats total.
Personal best flat fix time: seven minutes.
No rain, barely any sun, lots of wind.
Average speed 17.5 mph.
Perfect teamwork, perfect day.

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