Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Sweat

"Rides like these bring out negative self-talk."

All was lined up for a luxuriously fast and easy day in the saddle.  A week of restful recovery, healthy habits and a lack of aches could only lead to a superior performance on Saturday, right?  I visualized waiting at the top of each climb for the slow pokes.  Even the invitation referred to me as "the fastest rider".

Instead I started the day with two flats, not enough flat-repair supplies and a stinky attitude before we even hit Scappoose.  The pretty part of the day started there, and things started to look up.  And I do mean up.  Even in my easiest gear, the ride felt like a constant grind.
I abstained from ordering ale at mile sixty, no small task.  I made up for it by ordering ale at mile 100.  The last ten percent of every ride is my easiest and it'd pay to remember that during the earlier part of the day.  Thankfully, I only cried one time and after barely blubbering enjoyed some terrific views and descents.

In the end, I received some special gifts that floated my mood sky-high.  And my seemingly sluggish pace wasn't quite the slowest, although I'm reminded that bike rides and life are no contest and no place to compare.  Finally, I concluded that my sweet little smoothie needs some serious lovin'.

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