Monday, September 24, 2012

Unicorn Smurf

My day of luxury finally arrived.  Slept in, rode a few short miles over to Linda's house.  She served me coffee, loaded the bikes and drove us to the Wheatland Ferry.  I was privileged to be a part of her Velo Vine Ride research and development project.

We met up with the other riders, boarded the ferry and were off on a pretty wine country ride featuring four winery stops and twenty country miles of rolling hills.  I took the gravel option route, which offered around  five miles of challenging terrain to add to the fun.
My tire flatted and before I could curse at it, I dismounted to see dozens of handfuls of glistening ripe blackberries only a few inches from my face.  I did my best to get my fingers purple and sticky before walking the few steps up the hill to the next winery.
The view was perfect, especially from our sweet little spot on the patio.  Linda laid out a luscious lunch on the picnic table for our little group of friends.  I had an easy time fixing my flat while we ate and drank and took in the view.

From here, a few short miles down the hill, over to the ferry, back to the car and home to Portland.  Thank you Linda for a fabulous time!

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  1. Thank YOU Maria for coming along. We will definitely do more of those "R&D" rides.