Monday, September 3, 2012

Werewolf Hustle

I've been wanting to do the Werewolf Hustle full moon night ride for some time.  This month's started at Velocult after the Portland Design Works party.  The party was packed with people.  Free beer.  Live music.  A wee bike race.  And werewolves, who informed me we'd ride at 9 and camp overnight, which I hadn't anticipated.  Luckily, I had packed warm clothes for post-ride hanging out and the nice guys at Velocult let me borrow a blanket
A dozen of us rode off from the party in a northerly direction.  There were some road bikes, some touring bikes, a tall bike and a couple of cruisers.  I rode my single speed.  The destination was a secret. Pretty soon we were crossing the I-5 bridge, an especially tricky venture for the tall bike guy because of the way the supports hang low.
We stopped at the store for supplies.  A couple of people peeled off.  And the rest of continued north, north, north.  Out along the water, we were instructed to turn off all of our lights.  We rode on a gravel path and finally a dirt path into the woods.

We stashed our bikes and walked on the beach, barefoot, quite a ways down.  And took our time walking back into the moon and its twins in the sand.  Firewood was plentiful so we enjoyed a nice big fire, passing snacks and flasks around the fire until the wee hours.

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