Friday, November 2, 2012

Oregon Handmade Bike Show

I recently attended a show displaying handmade bicycles from mostly Oregon-based bike-makers.  Riding to Swan Island in the hail was a fun adventure and the venue was a really cool industrial warehouse and on the way in you could see a giant ship being worked on.  Ship-builders even came over to compare notes with the bike-makers.
The show featured over a dozen bike-makers and a few accessories.  Wood was very trendy - wooden helmets, wooden bikes, wooden-rimmed wheels.  One of my favorite things was an old-fashioned-looking wheel truing stand that actually measured wobble and showed it on a gauge.  If you spin the wheel fast enough, beer comes out of the gauge.
Speaking of beer, I abstained due to a super early curtain call the next morning.  Which is probably why the show didn't feel like that much fun to me.  Seriously, I am skeptical of this sort of venue for this sort of product.  It felt very trade-showy and a little dull and sadly, I'd already seen most of the bikes on display.
My favorite part of the show was when this guy started playing his trumpet. 
 And drooling over this bike.
And learning about this self-contained sound system, which comes with its own power source and specialty carrying rack.

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