Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TAT Perm

November's Tigard-Albany-Tigard perm began at Sesame Donuts.  I didn't buy any donuts but they did offer free samples of, yes, delicious, sesame donuts.  I was amazed at the line of customers early on a rained-out Saturday morning.

The weather promised to be wet and windy and didn't disappoint.  Started off at 7:30 into the rainy outer suburbs of Portland, southbound into a headwind.  After crossing the I-5 bridge and entering the area I consider the Willamette Valley proper, things started getting pretty.

The fields of grown grass and sprouting grass seed were such a bright green, I had to take my sunglasses off to believe my eyes.  Christmas, chartreuse, grass-green.  Emerald, kelly, olive, pea.

Finally at the Calapooia Brew House in Albany, lunching with folks and drying out, eating hot soup and tots, I felt quite peaceful.  Then a quick dash off to Turner, with a looming time cut-off.  On the way, Parrish Gap Road, a new favorite.
Riding through Millersburg was interesting.  I've seen the paper mill from the freeway a million times and knew there was a town behind it somewhere.  We stopped for candy at a store somewhere.  I love handing my brevet card to these anonymous clerks and watching their eyes as they realize just what I've ridden.

Getting darker and colder, the skies cleared up.  Starry views and a socked-in moon were spirit-lifters.  On, on, on, until Wilsonville.  Home-stretched it to the pub.  I learned a lot of important lessons on this ride.  Three pairs of gloves is one too few.  Pick perms with few turns late in the day since it'll be dark and hard to read.  Little hotties make great friends. 

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