Friday, December 14, 2012

A friend wanted to celebrate her birthday by riding up the two volcanoes at 7am on Tuesday, so I got up super early and rode the ten miles to the cafe, where we started with pie and coffee. 

Then, up to the top of Rocky Butte.

Then, on over to Mount Tabor, taking all available unimproved roadway detours.
On peak number two, a big dog chased, passed and turned around to charge me, barking all the while.  "He's friendly" yelled the negligent dog-owner, who had failed to: leash their pet, control their pet or even apologize after endangering me. I love dogs, but I'll confess to being pretty darned frightened of ones that chase me on my bicycle.  End rant.

We all split up after Tabor, except for me and Ed.  We went to a diner on Hawthorne for a second breakfast of eggs and toast and coffee. 

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