Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Bowl Ride, 2012

Anyone was welcome on this attempt at an inclusive exclusive ride, you just had to show interest first.  As usual, many of the "I'll definitely be there!" riders texted last minute excuses.  These people have full lives and riding a bike falls lower on their priority list than mine.

But, still,  almost a dozen hearty riders, ready for fun, drizzled into my kitchen that sunny Sunday morning.  I served bowls of oatmeal, topped with bananas or cranberry sauce, peanuts or toasted sesame seeds, dried plums or dried pears.

We headed east, over the river.  We turned north and found the swath of land known as "the bowl".  There, next to the Crown Point Highway, which all Portland roadies have ridden a zillion times, is a cornucopia of country roads with fine pavement, barely any cars and great views in all directions.

Meandering back on San Rafael Street, we discovered a jagged, but enjoyable, alternative to riding on busy Halsey.  Three of us made it to the finale Pho stop.  We chuckled at the neighboring Cannabis club and continued west to town.

The next Bowl Ride will be held in 2013.  Detailed cue sheets are provided, at no charge.  The weather probably won't live up to the grim forecast we've come to expect.  Many types of bikes and bicyclists and paces will be represented.  How will you secure an invitation?  

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