Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crown Point

Customer Cynthia and I had planned to ride together for weeks.  She lives out Troutdale way and I was poking around on the map looking for the perfect route.  Typically I'd choose Vista House but the Crown Point Highway has been closed for construction all fall and winter and will be into the spring. 

Then another customer dropped in and mentioned he's friendly with the construction contractor working on the highway project.  You must ride out to to Vista House this weekend, he said.  It's closed to cars but open to bikes!

So, Saturday morning found me pedaling eastbound on the Springwater Corridor to meet up at the general store.  We continued east together, over the bridge and through the woods and up the little ascent to the road closure sign.
Then down and around the bend, on new pavement, to the best views around.  There was snow on the mountains and the air felt frigid.  We only stayed for a minute.  On the way back up. we saw frozen rock walls.

And we encountered a small group of male roadies.  We passed them, then they passed us, then we went up Woodard while they went the easy way. We saw them again at Otto Miller and taunted them.  Come get us!  Come and catch us!  And away we rode up the hill. 

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