Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nature is pretty.

Even the cold, icy streets with their trails of snowy wisps have a certain beauty to them if one can divorce oneself from the terror that slippery bike rides strike into one's heart. 

How's that for a sentence?

Also, as a footnote, the bus is heated and has good reading lights, not to mention a bike rack on front to open up transportation options. 

The excitement for 2013, with all the goals of racing and weight loss and hill conquering and long loaded tours and racking up Rando numbers is only beat by anticipation of temperatures soaring into the 40s.  Or 50s! Cold snap cabin fever, I believe they call it.

In other, potentially unrelated news, people can be heard calling themselves lazy or out of shape this time of year.  It's complete BS, of course.  It's ok to hibernate a little in the winter.  Put on a small layer of bear fat for a couple of weeks, then dig yourself back out of the dark and dive in!

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