Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gold Sprints

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Team Slow volunteered to help Velocult put on six weeks of indoor bike races.  The back wheel floats over two rollers and the front fork is attached to a metal framework.  The whole business is displayed on a stage and tied into a laptop and displayed on a large screen.

I arrived about a half hour before the event started.  Barely anyone was there. Tomas instructed me, Kelley and Nathan on holding the trainer framework steady, tracking bracket victories and getting sign-ups for the races. Then, with just five minutes to spare, the entire crowd rolled in at once.  The place was packed in just a few minutes.

Some riders needed help getting in and out of the toe clips and straps, some needed help with the kind of squirrely seatpost quick release.  All needed cheering on. As the night wore on and the eliminations grew thin, the crowd moved in closer and yelled louder.
I had ridden over on my single speed, whose headset needs a two nut conversion kit.  I left that bike behind and rode home my new and newly tuned up Miyata mixte.  This thing was a dream.  Smooth sailing all the way. 

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