Friday, April 12, 2013


For the second year in a row now, I've enjoyed the immense privilege of leading the tweed-clad, oldie bike-riding set on this lovely little jaunt about town.  To indicate that I am their leader, in the tradition of the good old British-style fox hunt, I dressed somewhat foxily and even strapped a stuffed fox on top of my picnic basket full of animal crackers.  I have to remind myself, and am reminded by others during the ride, to slow down.  Even in my silly outfit on my slow bike, I'm too fast(!).

We met at 2pm at Tabor.  I amazed myself by riding all the way to the pavilion without walking.  On arrival, I was delighted to see a swell amount of cutely-clad riders.  It's interesting to see each person's interpretation of tweed type apparel. I was most impressed with Kirk, who showed up on a Penny Farthing.  This thing makes fixed gears look like a walk in the park.
Kirk's bad-assery aside, a young buck on a sexy little black track bike caught my eye.  He had the style down pat and I especially appreciated seeing an old style track bike. Also, not surprisingly, the Self Appointed President for life (SAP) of the Society Of Three Speeds (SOTs) was in attendance.  I somehow managed not to snap his photo, so will leave it up to your imagination.
A little sprinkle subsided and we were off, on our way down the volcano.  I rang and rang for general attention and led us down.  It's tricky leading a group of this size (maybe eighty?), especially when my own brakes are sub-par and my seatpost is about 2" too short and the hill is pretty steep.  But, it all worked out and soon we were weaving our way through pleasant neighborhoods.

I heard one woman exclaim "I love this town!" on seeing us pass.  Another gentleman told his friends "Look, it's the Tweed Ride!".  What a thrill to be recognized.  Then, the highlight of my day happened.  Just when I thought I couldn't get any higher.  A friend and customer from the shop saw me and yelled "Maria!  You were right about the tires, I loved them at Rickreall!".  Are these worlds colliding or is it all one world?
A friendly rest stop, a group portrait, several snacks and an hour later, we were on our way down the hill to Velocult for the after party.  I hope and believe Velocult will always host the Tweed after party.  After all, it was their very first big event here in Portland.  And, as many may not know, Velocult ran the Tweed Ride in San Diego before moving to Portland's soggy shores.


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  1. I don't know, can I imagine what El Presidente of SOTS looks like?