Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Society of Three Speed Ride, Edition Two

Not quite recovered from the Rapture, but anticipating a slow and easy Society of Three Speeds ride, I headed out to the meeting spot at Ladd Circle.  The attendance was more than double the previous ride.  We each introduced ourselves and our bikes, did some laps around the circle and headed northwesterly.

Soon after, a bicycle with 20" wheels flatted.  I have an unsubstantiated theory that smaller wheels flat more often because they rotate more and therefore have more opportunities to wear out and/or pick up glass.  Either way, the rider was unprepared for flat repairs, but luckily she was walking distance from Clever Cycles and another member helped her.  The rest of us stood in the shade on the Esplanade and waited.  It was a hot day, which created the feeling and mood of impending Pedalpalooza events.
After crossing the Willamette River, the Self Appointed President for life surprised us by leading us up on the sidewalk and back toward the river.  It was a fun and interesting little jaunt that showed us the riverside views and art of relatively new development.
We stopped at People's Co-op next for a food and drink pick up.  The group left before everyone was done, due to some miscommunication, and we were split up.  Reliance on new electronic technology was evident.  The second group caught up with the first at the trailhead park near Forest Park.  We enjoyed a leisurely picnic here, while our President enlisted new members and explained the history of the Thurman Bridge (oldest road bridge in Portland!). 
Then, on to Lucky Lab Northwest.  This is one of those rides where there's more stopping than going.  The relaxed pace and abundant socializing was enjoyed by all.

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  1. Thanks for the write up! Correction: The co-op we stopped at is Food Front.